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LOVEVERY: Designed by Experts to Progress Developmental Milestones

As a parent, new or seasoned, it can be intimidating when choosing age-appropriate toys to help your little one reach their developmental milestones. Science has proven that significant mental and physical development happens from the moment a child is born until they reach 4 years old. That’s why Jessica and Rod created LOVEVERY, a company that offers products and information which help create developmental experiences in the lives of babies and families. LOVEVERY helps parents feel confident that they are giving their little ones just what they want and need every step of the way.

Expert Design

    • Made for Learning

LOVEVERY designs their products with a team of experts, academics, researchers, and specialists to make sure they’re exactly what your child needs and loves, up to the age of four.

    • Stage-based play

Their award-winning play products support your child’s brain development at each important stage, so they can play, learn, explore, and grow to be their best selves.

    • Thoughtfully crafted

LOVEVERY Playthings are made with sustainable, organic, and natural materials that are good for your child and good for the planet.

About the Play Kits

From the perspective of motor skills, children progress their developmental milestones through functional play. They must be provided with age-appropriate tools and each Lovevery box provides a holistic approach that’s simple, accessible, and relevant to you and your baby. Play Kits are built to engage your child in new play and developmental skills, delivered every two months during the first year of life and every three months thereafter. In addition to receiving the play items, LOVEVERY has included a Play Guide on how to use the toys to engage in developmental play with your child, and how each toy can continue to be used as your child grows and learns.

Examples of LOVEVERY Play Kits

    • The Looker Play Kit: Weeks 0-12

This kit is designed for newborns to help them become aware of the new world around them. Black and white mittens and toys with high contrast are included to:

        1. Build new brain connections
        2. Process new surroundings
        3. Explore high-contrast images
    • The Babbler Play Kit: Months 13, 14, 15

With your toddler finding their voice and their special place in the world, this Play Kit offers new challenges in balance, object permanence, and special awareness, as well as an early introduction to physics by:

      1. Learning fun lessons in cause and effect
      2. Building find motor skills
      3. Getting more comfortable with routines and time
      4. Exploring rotation, spatial relationships, and parts of a whole
    • The Helper Play Kit: Months 25, 26, 27

Your child may be eager for independence and to step into the world of “big kids”. This Play Kit responds to the natural curiosity of two-year old’s with Montessori-practical life activities and tools to develop security in their routines through:

      1. Supporting your child’s budding independence
      2. Developing security in routines
      3. Practicing fine motor precision
      4. Building resilience and problem-solving skills
    • The Observer Play Kit: Months 37, 38, 39

Welcome your new three-year-old to the “Year of the Self” as they take ownership of routines, build emotional intelligence, and make sense of their world through open-ended play by:

      1. Exploring routines with pretend play
      2. Practicing nesting with early exposure to architecture concepts
      3. Set expectations by planning their day
      4. Encourage independence and self care
    • The Analyst Play Kit: Months 46, 47, 48

Your kid is ready for some great challenges using precise fine motor skills, solving new sensory and STEM puzzles, and cooking with fractions! The items included in this kit are to promote:

      1. Practive matching objects through sensory play
      2. Build descriptive language skills
      3. Solve a color puzzle using different shades
      4. Put fine motor skills to practice
      5. Translate 2D pictures into 3D objects
      6. Visualize parts of a whole

Everything made by the company is entirely associated with learning by improving different motor skills and implementing the state-based playing methodology, which is proven to be very effective in the development of the brain.

Lovevery toys are therefore needed to improve mental development among the children, which is critical for their overall improvement in the developmental stages. Parents can give sustainable opportunity by making their child play with the toys made by Lovevery as they are not just toys but the tools to achieve the development milestones create sustainable development in their beloved child.

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