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Learn About the Peloton Community

During 2020, the number of people who turned to working out at home skyrocketed. During this time community gyms were forced to close their doors, public transportation was halted, and taking advantage of a workout program that could be done from the comfort of our own home took storm. We jumped on that bandwagon as well and purchased a Peloton Bike+. I am so happy we did and am here to share with you all things Peloton in case you have been on the fence about making your own purchase.

The Peloton Mission. Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, anytime.

Where did it all begin?

Peloton began in 2012 when former Barnes & Noble e-commerce executive John Foley noticed that he found much more enjoyment from instructor-led workouts rather than his self-led trips a brick and mortar gym. From there, through seed money, a Kickstarter and a need to be fulfilled for millions across the nation, Peloton came to life. The first studio opened in the Chelsea District in Manhattan and the company has experienced exponential growth every since.

What makes Peloton different?

Who would imagine that from your own living room or garage you could challenge people just like yourself on a live leaderboard? At Peloton, they have created a software that lets you dive into engaging classes (live and on-demand), with beautifully designed hardware, empowering instructors and a community that invites everyone to come be the best version of themselves through the power of sweat. Are you looking for a Disney themed ride, a 20 minute cardio dance session to Beyonce, or a mood ride because you’re feeling blue? They have it all!

  • Workouts to fit your mood, goals, music taste and fitness level
  • Celebrate the seasons with themed rides/workouts year round
  • A responsive customer support center via phone or live chat
  • Workouts are mobile and desktop friendly so literally workout anywhere

What is the Peloton All-Access Membership?

All-Access means just that- Everyone in your household has access to the Peloton All-Access Membership for only $39/month. While this membership is required to participate in classes with the Tread and Bike+ packages, there is no commitment and you can cancel at anytime. Each family member will create their own profile and have access to live and on-demand classes on the go. Want to create a fun challenge to get everyone moving? With the Peloton All-Access Membership there are no more excuses as to why we can’t get our body moving 5, 10, 30 minutes each day with 10 different class types to choose from including:

  • Strength
  • Cycling
  • Stretching
  • Running
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Cadio
  • Walking
  • Outdoors

How accessible is Peloton in-home or when traveling?

Whether traveling across the U.S., Canada, England or Germany, Peloton has a hotel finder to help when booking your stay for business or vacation. There are hundreds of participating hotels that have Peloton equipment available. Here is a link to find help in making travel arrangements to a Peloton friendly destination: Peloton Finder

As mentioned, in-home purchases of Peloton equipment boomed in 2020 and the company’s growth has continued to climb. There is generally a running promotion on equipment, workout apparel, other swag, and at times promotes a couple months of the Peloton All-Access Membership for free. They have partnered with Affirm to offer approved members monthly payments starting at $39/month with $0 down, 0% APR financing and 0 hidden fees.

As part of your Wellpons membership, you have the opportunity to receive $100 towards accessories purchased with your Peloton hardware, valid on purchases in countries where Peloton delivers. Use code 6M23XV at checkout to take advantage of this great offer and become a part of the Peloton Community. See you on the bike.

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